Professional Development

In addition to giving Rotaractors the opportunity to serve while building lasting bonds with fellow Rotaractors, the Professional Development Committee makes it all worthwhile by providing members with the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Geared towards the building of leadership qualities of club members this committee organises and facilitates training sessions and seminars that give club members skills:

  • needed to be effective leaders in Rotaract
  • that allow them to improve their professional careers
  • that are useful in their personal lives
  • that build a high ethical and moral standard among members
  • that prepare members for membership in Rotary after the age of 30

Examples of Professional Service projects may include:

  • Educating new and existing members on Rotaract’s organisational structure, practices, policies, constitution, and by-laws
  • Training members in public speaking, project planning, report writing, budget and financial management
  • Resource management, motivational speaking, conflict resolution, time management
  • Computer training, office etiquette, résumé writing, interview protocol
  • Disaster planning, first aid and CPR, emergency preparation and response, food and water safety and sanitisation
  • Photography, culinary skills, learning a foreign or native language, learning a cultural dance
  • Tailoring, electrical wiring, and carpentry